Walking and Working

I’ve really stepped up a gear this week with making sure I get out for a daily walk to help clear my mind when it’s time for a break from work. It’s something that I’ve tried to do consistently, but due to workload, I’ve struggled to adhere to it.

Walking and Working

I will openly admit that I have managed to pick up bad habits on occasion involving not moving away from my desk enough and not getting any physical exercise. One of my most important ethics to my business is to help remind other remote workers the need to look after our own health and well-being. It’s something that I would like to convey a positive message about as much as possible, however, how can I do that if I’m not entirely practising what I preach.

Good intentions are great, but if you don’t see them through then they can have a real adverse affect, making you feel a sense of disappointment and that you’ve let yourself down. This is a cycle to get out of immediately! If you let yourself feel disappointed then it’s letting in those negative nellies. The best way is to recognise. It’s enough, so that tomorrow or even right now we can change how we’re feeling. Get those walking shoes on, get out there, feel the fresh air and let your mind be free.

Recently, I have come to realise that I’ve been setting expectations of myself a little high, which was having the complete opposite impact that I wanted, so I stripped everything back. I took a walk and worked out exactly how to do that and before I realised, I was already doing it! My walk was stripping everything back to basics. Exercise at a basic level but at an achievable level for exactly how my mindset was geared! Walking certainly works for me!

I think we all put ourselves under a tremendous amount of pressure, especially as business owners which can result in us over thinking things and making what should be enjoyable, like a task to tick off.

Let the things that make you feel good feel natural. Have a routine by all means, but don’t knock yourself down if your good intentions don’t always come true.

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