Just the Tonic!

It seems like ages ago now, but just before I took my holiday I wrote a blog about switching off and taking a break. After working my socks off for the past four years, getting my business off the ground it was finally time for me to down tools and go chill out!

And so I did!

From the moment I switched off my computer, I made a conscious decision to switch to holiday mode. This for me, meant less use of my phone and more of my face in a book (and no, not Facebook). Escaping the day to day madness of what constitutes being a busy business lady.

Just the Tonic

Our holiday was action packed with visits to theme parks and a surprise appearance from my brother and his wife. Lots of food, lots of drinking, lots of fun and lots of silly games that my dad has a habit of inventing and making up his own rules (actually, I think that is everyone’s dad!) It was just the tonic I needed to recharge my batteries and get a few things into perspective.

I’m sure that so many of you out there can relate to just how busy and blurry life becomes when you are running your own business. You can often neglect yourself and become totally wrapped up in work and looking after your partner/family.

When was the last time you indulged in a little ‘you’ time?

Now that I’m back, I’m getting back into the swing of things. With a bit of a set back injury after taking a fall down the stairs, I think I’m finally ‘there’. Do you know what though, being honest, I’m actually glad that my little tumble happened. It stopped me from slipping back into work overdrive and gave me further time to think and to breathe.

Every now and then we all need that space to appreciate exactly what we have achieved.

Take a moment, look over your accomplishments and appreciate YOUR efforts and YOUR time and investment that YOU have put into this.

It’s just the tonic you need.

Until next time…


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