Head full of Cold and not Content

Creating content for your blog or newsletter can be a challenging process. Especially if you’re feeling a little under the weather on the day you need to put pen to paper, or for a better term, fingertips to keyboard. With a foggy head there’s not much room for creative thinking, so you need to turn to other resources to give you that little push of inspiration.


In a previous blog post I shared with you my tips on curation. How to create a blog post by pulling together articles and videos from other creators and sharing them with your audience. A fantastic way of pulling together an informative blog post and at the same time sharing the talent of other bloggers and vloggers.

This week I want to look at another method of creating content. I want to hear from my audience about what they would like to read about or if they have any particular questions that they would like to ask me? This is a fantastic way for me to build up a ‘bank’ of blog topics that I know my readers will be interested in.

What would you like to ask me?

Is there anything specific that you would like to read about?

Creating blog posts is all about engaging with your audience. Finding out what they are interested in and perhaps doing a little research for them to provide that information in one helpful post.

Don’t waste time when you have a foggy head trying to come up with content and ideas that just aren’t coming freely into your mind. Turn to your list of contributed topics from your readers.

The key to writing a blog is finding a place to start.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you with your topics and questions, so please do share with me your comments below, and I’ll come back to you all with my list. You never know, some of the suggestions may spark the writer in all of you guys too.

Until next time…

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