Pardon my Fairy Dust!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 everyone, I hope that the days and months ahead are full of positive thoughts, actionable tasks to achieve your dreams and lots of sparkling success.

You may notice a little bit of a change with this latest blog post. In fact, you’ll notice a change with all my branding. I’m excited to share with everyone that I’ve been working on my new website and the new ‘feel’ and direction of GibsonVA. 2016 is all about getting this show on the road (well… on-line!)

As with any business, continual improvement is super dooper important. You need to be able to recognise if things need to change, not only with the visual side of things, but with the services you provide too.

I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for quite some time now, and as many of you know I LOVE to create content, format content, share content and focus on being content (as in happy, healthy, peaceful and all that wonderfulness). So one afternoon, after throwing around some ideas with a fellow VA over a cup of tea, notebooks at the ready,  ‘The Fairy Content Mother’ appeared to me as if by magic!

She fluttered though my mind with thoughts and ideas, and planted the seeds of focus and direction. 

This is it! This is where my business is heading. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I don’t want to be gimmicky, or come across as a cartoon fairy. The magic comes from within, so I’m still the same old me with the red and purple hair, I’ve just had a little make-over and added my favourite colours into the mix. I tried out images of fairies with sparkling dust and wings, but it just didn’t feel right.


So right now I would like to say “pardon my dust” during the development stages, as there will be some old mixed in with the new, but I’m hoping that this total refresh and confirmation of direction will help to inspire others that may be thinking of doing the same.

Re-branding doesn’t have to be scary! It just takes that moment to realise that you want to make a change and know what that change is.

Are you finding it difficult to establish your own brand? Has anyone taken the leap for a totally different look and feel to their business? At what point did your ‘Fairy Content Mother moment’ happen?  I would love to hear from you with your stories.

If you would like to see the developments over on my Facebook page as they happen, please visit

As ever, thank you for your continual support.

Michelle Teal bold

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