Can’t think of Content? Try Curation

It’s common knowledge that to get your on-line presence moving up the ranks you need to be consistent with content.

Content Curation

Whether it’s a weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog post or perhaps having something to say on social media, coming up with the content can sometimes be a total head scratcher. It often feels as though others have so much to say and to share, but you on the other hand are feeling stumped! You’re just not ‘feeling’ the writing vibe and every idea you come up with you talk yourself out of.

I wanted to share with you one of the first ways I learnt to generate blog posts when I became stuck for ideas, through the fun of curation. It’s a great way of providing useful information to others and sharing the work of other talented writers. Pulling together articles and extracts that you find interesting and of benefit could of course have the same impact on others.

Let’s start off by sharing the following article:-

5 Ways to Curate Content on Your Blog

Content curation is a popular trick used by bloggers and online publishers to increase the amount of content they publish, share great content from across the web with their own audiences, and add personal commentary to hot topics discussed on other websites.

So there you have it, an informative article about content curation, and this section is now where I will add my personal commentry. ¬†At this point of my curated blog post, I would reflect on the article I’ve just shared with my audience¬†which will then lead them onto the next interesting article I’ve found.

Content Curation Benefits and Best Practices

Content curation is the act of finding, filtering, collecting, and sharing relevant information around a given topic or theme. In an age when brands have become publishers, it’s a practice many have employed as one part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy

You’re probably getting the idea now right? So if you are ever stuck for writing a blog post, curation could be just the answer for you. It doesn’t always have to be other text posts, you can make use of the awesomeness of YouTube too.

Adds that extra visual interest doesn’t it?

Have you curated blog content before? I’d love to hear from you if you have any tips and techniques you would like to share with everyone.

If you need any assistance with curation, then please do get in touch. There’s nothing more I enjoy than finding useful information and collating it all together to make an interesting post worth sharing.

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