Do I Need Help?

By ‘Be my Guest Blogger’ Michelle Poole of Virtual Hand.

Michelle Poole Virtual HandWhen I set up in business it was easy to just get on with it, but as client work grew and my time became limited I had to ask myself that question…

Do I need help?

It’s hard to find someone, train someone, hand over my very own business tasks to someone else – could I really start to grow my business by working with someone else? Would that reduce my income as I would now need to pay someone to help me?

The tipping point comes – and if you let it go – you miss that opportunity. Your time then is really tight and you have less time to think about that next step in your business. And even less time to make a smooth transition with time to converse and discuss so that those tasks get done how you like them, when you like them and with the very same commitment.

So, I bit the bullet and sought help. There are many people who could help, and a variety of tasks that can be undertaken by someone other than yourself within your business.

I love to blog and share my expertise but it is so time consuming if I want to be consistently putting content out there – such as weekly. The need to be consistent in look, feel and voice also. Then the need to ensure it gets around and people are encouraged to read it. Very time-consuming.

This is where using a Virtual Assistant is ideal and recommended.

Your VA can cover a variety of these tasks such as:

• Researching topics
• Finding good links for you
• Curating posts
• Formatting posts
• Finding images
• Posting on your website
• Adding to mailings

Working with a VA gives you time to do the things you really love to do and get more clients. You do, however, need to find the right person and create a relationship that ensures your business is in the best hands possible.

It’s a win-win decision but still you have to find, trust and train someone and also not be looking over your shoulder at every junction. It takes time but is so worthwhile.

When you become confident in your VA you can just send a variety of things over – if the relationship is right they will ask for clarification or just confirm it back to you. They get on with it so you don’t have to.

Using time effectively is so important when you are growing your business and doing what you love in your business even more so.

*You can find out more about Michelle, by visiting her website

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