The Keys to Motivation

How has January been for you all? Are you still feeling focused and determined to achieve all those goals you took time to write down for the New Year?

MotivationIf you’re still on target and feeling super productive, blasting through those tasks and hitting those targets…I salute you! That’s awesome and here’s to another successful month ahead.

For those of you that are feeling as though ‘you have bitten off more than you can chew’ – Don’t panic! You can get yourself back on track and find a frame of mind that consists of less overwhelm and more “I CAN DO IT!” You just need to take a step back or even to the side, just for a moment…

At the end of 2015, I took the opportunity to sit down and really think about my goals. Exactly what I want to achieve as a gal with her own business, her own unwritten future and her own mind! Yes…these three things were the keys to my motivation and they’ve now been added to my key chain, together with my house keys, my car keys and the little padlock key I still have attached for my mum and dads shed!

It may sound a little bizarre, but I mean this in a literal sense! Let me explain…

On said key chain, I also have a number of keys that I really have no clue what they are for. There are three in total. The other day whilst driving, these pieces of obsolete metal were jangling about around my knees, due to hanging from the ignition. I thought to myself “arrghhghgh, I must get rid of some of these, they are weighing down my pocket and my handbag and are generally just annoying!”

When I arrived home, I looked down at my diary on my desk, where each day, I write down my three keys to motivation:-

  • My own business
  • My unwritten future
  • My own mind and individuality

A creative idea hit me! I decided not to remove the jangling, annoying keys. I decided to label them! Yup, that’s right, each one now has a sticker to help me identify (and remind myself) which is which. After all, I pick them up EVERY day, what a great way to remind myself of my motivation. I can annoy myself with my own positivity instead!

What I’m trying to share with you all is that if you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back to remind yourself of your vision, your ‘why?’, your motivation. If you’ve set yourself too high, then don’t be afraid to re-adjust. It’s not failure if you need to move a few personal deadlines to suit your abilities.

What motivates you? What keeps you moving forward when running your own business? If you struggle with motivation, then I’d love for you to head over to my Facebook group, it’s for virtual assistants and remote workers and it’s about mindset, motivation and health and well-being. Don’t worry if you don’t fall into one of those categories though, if you have a keen interest in keeping a positive mind set and looking after YOU, then from all of us in the group, we welcome you!

Until next time…

Michelle x

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