Clicky, Clicky Syndrome!

I often wonder how many times a day I flick from different screens on my computer. I then think “how many times have I done this and it’s just wasted my time?”


When you work on your own, you can easily get distracted. Hopping from one screen to another, whilst trying to focus on one particular task doesn’t get you anywhere fast, especially if those screens are totally unrelated to what you are doing.

I like to keep the open tabs on my computer to an absolute minimum, so that I avoid clicking on something by mistake and then becoming a victim of distraction and procrastination.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Here’s a great article that I wanted to share with you about how to attempt survival in this technology time suck:-

Surviving the Distraction Epidemic
Where in the world can you go for some peace and quiet and escape? Chances are it’s into the online world of surfing the web,

This post really is just a bit of ‘food for thought’ and to ask how you combat that ‘clicky, clicky’ syndrome? Do you allocate specified times to review your social media. We have to remember that we are not personally available 24/7  and if we are appearing on social media all too often, does it imply that we are lacking in work to complete?  

What are your tips for staying productive, free from distractions and focused?

I hope this post hasn’t distracted you! Have a great day.

~ Michelle

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