3 Tips to Putting Yourself First for your Business.

We all work so super-duper hard with setting up and maintaining our businesses, that sometimes many of us don’t read the signals and signs that it’s time to slow down a little, take a step back and look after the one thing that makes all this work…ourselves. Yes, little old you and I, the important cogs in this magnificent piece of clockwork we create.

Time Management

As an entrepreneur you have to get your mindset in exactly the right place because if it’s not, the cracks may start to show and have an impact on all of your hard work. We all need to be taking care of ourselves, this in turn then lets us bloom in business and shine in our personal lives.

Our clients are of course a top priority. We always want to under promise and over deliver. I know for a fact that I like to give that little extra and make everyone who I assist feel important, however if there has been times when I’ve neglected myself, have I neglected my clients’ too?

I believe that to be at your best and on the road to success, you need to be a little selfish, so here are my 3 Tips to Putting Yourself First for your Business.

1. Stick to a reasonable amount of hours for your working day.

Let’s face it, when you start up you put everything into what you are trying to create. Most of the time a new and established entrepreneurs will work more hours than a 9 to 5 job. This is because we are passionate that we want to get things right, we want to start earning a decent income and we of course, want to ensure our clients are satisfied. But hang on! There are only so many hours in a day that your brain can function properly in front of a computer. So here’s a thought…are those additional hours (and I mean the extra 7 on top of an already 8 hour day) really that productive?

2. Get moving that derrière out of that chair!

Goes hand in hand with tip number 1! If you’re at your computer for umpteen hours a day, you’re not really doing that body of yours any good. Your health is SO important, especially as an entrepreneur. Sit in that chair too long and it could cause all sorts of problems in a few years time, then where will you be? You won’t be able to put in all the hours if you can’t sit up properly due to a bad back or neck problems. So here’s a thought….are those additional hours (the ones sat at your desk when you could be looking after your future self with a nice walk around the block) really that productive?

3. Don’t be afraid to take time off!

We are all human and we all need a break sometimes. I don’t just mean one day away from the office, I mean a proper vacation! One where you have a complete switch off and time to recharge those batteries. Constantly living in ‘work mode’ doesn’t do you any good or those around you, who you love. After all, they are human and need a break too so spend some quality time with THEM and not with your laptop or tablet checking emails. Remember, our clients are humans too and so therefore they understand why you need to take a holiday. There’s support out there for you if you need someone to hold the fort while you put your feet up and have that well deserved break. Have you thought about asking for some help from a VA for VAs? So here’s a thought….are those additional hours (the ones where you could be taking a break, recharging and getting yourself fresh as a daisy to resume services) really that productive?

Sometimes I write these posts and I think ‘Michelle, you need to take some of your own advice here…it’s pretty good’.

Are you finding it hard to be selfish for the sake of your business?

I can totally understand what many of you are going through, when you feel as though you can’t take your foot off the gas, so we have to remember that…

…as business owners we are all in this together, and we all need to support each other in putting ourselves first for our ventures.

Until next time…

~ Michelle

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