Smiling is Infectious!

Some days are let’s face it, a bit stressful. We have one hundred and one things to do, in what appears to be a time zone that disappears like an ice cream in the sun! A day goes by so quickly, but do we ever stop to take some time out to smile.


Smiling is infectious.

Have you noticed how if you smile at someone walking towards you on the street they smile back (well, most of the time they do). It does take some effort to do that these days though, as most people go about their business avoiding eye contact or have their faces engrossed in their mobile phones.

What if you smiled more though? Wouldn’t you feel so much better?  I don’t mean sitting there grinning at your computer screen like the Cheshire Cat. You’d probably seem a bit nuts to anyone who may be around you. But what about actually taking some time out to down tools and find something that makes you smile. Maybe it’s a video on You Tube, or stepping away from the computer, which I highly recommend, a favourite comic book sketch (I used to love Garfield as a kid) or simply looking at photos and smiling at the memories.

Whatever it is do something that makes you smile, and even better if it’s something that makes you laugh. As they say laughter is the best medicine and the more positive and happy vibes you release into your brain, the better your day will be.

Take some time out to share with me what makes you smile. What makes you chuckle? What really has you in stitches? Let’s start off one big infectious smile.

Until next time…

Michelle x

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