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I’m excited! It’s Easter Bank Holiday weekend and I’m taking a trip with my awesome other half to Cornwall for some well deserved ‘switch off’ time. 

Virtual Assistant

Due to the fact that it’s a public holiday, it’s more than likely that my clients are taking some well deserved time for themselves too, so they are aware that I’m not around. Good Friday and Easter Monday are detailed in my welcome documents that I’ll not be in the office so I’m happy that my clients have had advance notice.

However, in a few months time I’ll be taking a break away from the office for a full week. It will be time for my annual holiday where the main focus is for me to totally switch off, relax, recharge and come back refreshed and focused.

As we all know, the preparation before departing on a break, whether you are employed or run your own business requires that extra effort. You need to step it up a gear to make sure all bases are covered. I like my clients to feel as though I am “Virtually there”. By this, I mean with me off sunning myself, it has a minimal to hopefully no impact on the service I provide to them.

I thought that as it’s the time of year where we are thinking about our holidays, I would share with you my…

Holiday Checklist for being Virtually There!

  • Advise your clients with plenty of notice that you intend to take a trip and won’t be available. Let them know of the dates you will be out of the office and when you will return.
  • Send a gentle reminder a week before you depart, just to ensure it’s fresh in their minds, and for any questions or queries to be raised.
  • Make a list of tasks that will need to be performed while you are away. Now this is the tricky part. Are you able to prepare the requirements and schedule things to happen in your absence, as if you were sat at your desk. Alternatively, do you have an associate or a member of your team that can assist you.
  • If you have an associate or a member of your team, ensure that your client is happy for them to work on your behalf, and ensure all terms and conditions are complied with and confidentiality agreements signed. Equally important, introduce them to your client well in advance.
  • Your own administration may suffer, do you need a Virtual Assistant of your own to ensure things run smoothly. In fact, if you do hire a VA then you will get so used to their support that I pretty much guarantee you won’t want to let them go when you get back. 

There are many boxes to tick on your checklist when you take a vacation. Making sure your business runs smoothly while you are away, guarantees you will have that restful break that you truly deserve. I know how much I’m looking forward to giving my eyes a rest from any kind of VDU for a whole 7 days in May!

Have I missed anything on my checklist?  What else is there that should be done to ensure you are “Virtually There”. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Easter everyone.

Michelle x 

2 comments on “Virtually There!

  1. I got a VA for myself, Michelle and I was training her to get clients on her own, too and now, I’m already worried whenever she’s not around! Lol! VAs helping VAs are badly needed these days… We can’t live without them once we start getting one. :)

    1. So glad that you find having a VA helpful Roche. Just proves to me that I chose the right direction to steer my business :)

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